Pete Don’t Buck!

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Had a great conversation with David Russell who started working at the ranch when he was a freshman in high school.  He used to love playing tricks on Mark Soderlund who also worked as a wrangler.  Mark asked one day “can ya ride Pete the mule?”.  David said, “Yes!  He’s wonderful!  He’s smooth and really nice to ride!”, knowing that he was only a pack mule…never been ridden!  They put the pack saddle on him, Mark got on, and Pete started bucking up a storm!  He bucked to the saddle barn and every time he bucked, Mark would hit his head on the eave of the roof!  He was then getting beat up by the D rings on the pack saddle!  According to David, he got a “merciful beating”!  The standing joke was…”Pete Don’t Buck!"

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