Memories from Joan E. (Herronen) Johnston

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I was one of the teenagers who lived at Mouat Mine and worked at the Beartooth Dude Ranch during the summers of 58-61 (I was 14 or 15 when I first started and worked every summer until after I graduated from highschool in 1961). It was truly wonderful. Jim and Ellen Langston were like Roy and Dale to us...we worked in the kitchen mainly but got to go on many trail rides and remember the good times teaching the "dudes" how to square dance in the Lodge...I would have paid to work there instead of the other way around ($75 per month plus board and room)...we girls were treated more like guests than workers...what a wonderful way to spend teenage summers...lots of memories...Am 71 years old now but still go back to those days in my dreams.

More memories...I remember a pinto named Chief, a beautiful mare named Ginger that needed a tie down because she was headstrong and would get away from you if you let her...Also remember on our afternoon breaks, we girls (Annette Wertanen, Laurie Howell, Georgia Madsen, Sherry McKinnon) and others, would go down to the river, shave our legs and paint our toenails...with the Woodbine Falls looking down from above us...and of course all we had on our minds were the boys...not the beauty of the place...but now the Falls are what I remember, and the boys I have forgotten.  

Now I am 71 years old and the boys are gone but the beautiful waterfall still my heart....


Some of the other girls who worked at the ranch over the 4 summers that I was there were Annette Wertanen, Sherry McKinnon, Laurie McClelland, Georgia Madsen...and several others...we shared cabins and one year we had 4 of us in the little cabin down toward the river (no bathroom...we had to run up to the showerhouse up by the kitchen)...Such fun...putting the garden hose in through the top vent of the showerhouse to spray people with cold water after they got dressed again! ...we did that to the wranglers once or twice and then ran like the dickens to hide from them... they were mad as hatters of course!


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