Just a few memories of mine:

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My parents started going to Beartooth Ranch before I was born, around 1960.  I have enough memories to write a book!  Some include: riding Pablet the donkey, sitting on Piney for stirrup fitting, chasing Rad around trying to be friends (with no luck!), falling in love with all the horses, learning to kick ass at fooseball in the lodge, trying to swim in the ice cold water of the Stillwater, becoming a wrangler at 13, riding the same trails week after week and loving every minute of it, waking up every morning smelling the sweet cottonwoods, pine and sage, hearing the distant roar of Woodbine Falls and the nearer roar of the Stillwater River, having french toast and bacon EVERY morning after saddling the horses, dipping the enamel cup in the creek and drinking that ice cold water after a long day in the saddle, eating Edith Hudson's Squaw Bread, being stalked by a mountain lion while taking the kids on a picnic ride, being chased early one morning by a young grizzly while looking for my horse on a shetland pony, purposely screwing up at square dancing just to make Ted Wahl mad, wrangling on one of the big old kids horses just to get bucked off, riding all the way to Carters Camp just for a Tombstone pizza, all day rides to Sioux Charlie, sneaking into the kitchen at night to steal brownies for Knobby the Blackfoot Indian wrangler who I idolized, getting my first horse Sundance, going back to school in Minnesota and crying for months because I was devastated to leave the ranch for 9 months.  I am so blessed to be able to live in Red Lodge, just a short drive to the Stillwater Valley.  At 54, I am still riding my horse on the same trails.  I take deep breaths and smell the pine, cottonwoods and sage and I am 16 again.   

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