Hugh Stafford's Beartooth Ranch Memory Lane

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Colleen, a friend of mine who now has a summer home in Nye, saw your poster in the post office (I think) and sent me a copy.  Our family as a long history with the ranch that goes back to the 1920’s when my father, Bill Stafford, attended a boys camp there for a number of summers.  His parents visited too and grew so fond of the area that they bought a ranch in the area and move there in around 1936.  Dad worked the  ranch after college (1940) and moved his new bride there in 1943.  I came along in 1944 and we lived on the ranch until 1946 (or thereabouts), when my grandparents sold the ranch and we moved into Billings.  From there we ended up in Iowa where I am at the moment.   We vacationed at the ranch over the years with Jim and Ellen and I wrangled there part of one summer when I was in high school.  Our last visit was in the mid 1980’s.

So that is my story.  Tell me what drives your interest in the place.

Hugh Stafford


Bettendorf, Iowa

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